Welcome to Kevin’s Gallery of Art


My name is Kevin Hosseini. I am 23 years old and reside in El Cajon. I’d like to welcome you to may gallery of art.  In 2018, I had was part of an Art of Autism exhibit at Sophie’s Gallery in Kensington and I also had art on display at Mainly Mozart Genius Showcase. I sold this
piece at that event – Tokyo IV.

Last year I had one of my paintings on display at the California Museum in Sacramento for an art and advocacy exhibit. My art “Boyle Heights Mariachis” was on display in the Maria Shriver Gallery at the California Museum for 3 months. I like mariachi music
and I live to vacation in Mexico. I have many paintings of Mexico.

Boyle Height Mariachis

My attendance at the reception at the California Museum for the TBD: Arts & Advocacy exhibit was supported by the California Arts Council, a state agency, and the National Arts and Disability Center at the University of California Los Angeles.

National Arts & Disability Center

California Arts Council

I hope you enjoy visiting my different galleries of art on this website.
Abstract Angels
Music-Themed Art

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